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What is a BCBA?

According to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board:


The Board Certified Behavior Analyst is an independent practitioner who also may work as an employee or independent contractor for an organization. The BCBA conducts descriptive and systematic (e.g., analogue) behavioral assessments, including functional analyses, and provides behavior analytic interpretations of the results. The BCBA designs and supervises behavior analytic interventions.

The BCBA is able to effectively develop and implement appropriate assessment and intervention methods for use in unfamiliar situations and for a range of cases. The BCBA seeks the consultation of more experienced practitioners when necessary. The BCBA teaches others to carry out ethical and effective behavior analytic interventions based on published research and designs and delivers instruction in behavior analysis. It is strongly recommended that the BCBA supervise the work of Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts and others who implement behavior analytic interventions.”

Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBA®):

“Individuals who wish to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBA®) must posses at least a Masters Degree, have 225 classroom hours of specific Graduate-level coursework, meet experience requirements, and pass the Behavior Analyst Certification Examination.”

Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts® (BCABA®):

“Persons wishing to be Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts® (BCABA®) must have at least a Bachelors Degree, have 135 classroom hours of specific coursework, meet experience requirements, and pass the Associate Behavior Analyst Certification Examination.”

Supervised Independent Fieldwork:


Applicants must complete 1500 hours of Supervised Independent Fieldwork in behavior analysis.  The distribution of Supervised Independent Fieldwork hours must be at least 10 hours per week, but not more than 30 hours per week, for a minimum of 3 weeks per month.  Applicants must be supervised at least once every 2 weeks for 5% of the total hours they spend in Supervised Independent Fieldwork.  Total supervision must be at least 75 hours.  A supervisory period is two weeks.


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